Stock market

How does the stock market work?

Trading in stocks means buying or selling a share of the ownership of an individual company listed for example on ASX or NASDAQ. Investing in shares enables to make money both on the rise and fall of the quotes of the largest and world famous companies whose securities are traded on the stock exchange. Traders can invest in shares of individual companies or in a specific sector of the economy.

Benefits of stock trading

  • Portfolio hedging
  • More than 400 stocks to choose from
  • Diversification of the trading portfolio
  • Opportunity to receive dividends
  • Market neutral stocks
  • Speculation in Falling Markets

Why invest in stocks?

Stocks trades are built with diversification in mind to minimize risks. Investors can enter so-called defensive " trades during periods of high volatility. Traders can also decide to create a portfolio based on a growth strategy that consist of small and mid-cap stocks.

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Currency market

How does the Forex market work?

The currency market, also known as Forex, gives traders the ability to profit from even small fluctuations in currency value. Forex trading involves the exchange of one currency for another, while one currency will rise and the other will decline relative to the first. Currencies are traded in pairs. For example, the euro is trading against the dollar, forming the EUR / USD pair. Investors buy and sell currency pairs using a broker as an intermediary who helps to conduct a transaction between a buyer and a seller.

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Main features of currency market
  • round-the-clock trading
  • wide range of tools
  • no hidden fees
  • the ability to use leverage
  • low minimum deposits
  • high liquidity

Why trade currencies?

The foreign exchange market operates 24/5, excluding public holidays in the countries where the exchanges are located. This continuous operation enables to trade from anywhere in the world. It is also the largest and most liquid market with a daily turnover of more than $ 4 trillion.

Forex offers a complete absence of commissions for making trades, except for the natural difference between the buy and sell prices - the spread.

Energy market

How does the energy market work?

Oil and gas are two the most popular commodities to invest in. They trade in high volumes around the clock, giving online traders a variety of opportunities. Whether it's American crude oil (WTI), Brent crude or natural gas (NATGAS), these energies are quoted in US dollars. So, when investing in energy, the US dollar exchange rate is a key factor to watch out for.

Key benefits

  • Well-formed global trends
  • Low margin requirements
  • Trend market
  • High volatility
  • Selection a long / short position
  • Competent investments distribution

1-click trading

We provide the opportunity to open and close trades at the touch of a button, which simplifies the trading process.


Client funds are kept in segregated bank accounts and transactions are protected from negative balances.


As a trusted partner, MeteorTrade does not impose any hidden fees or commissions on its clients.

Invest in energy with a trusted partner

Due to the active dynamics and high market volatility associated with the global economy, politics and the environment, energy trading is attractive for both beginners and professional traders.

Oil is considered one of the most popular commodities and is also an indicator of the state of the global economy. Investors speculate on oil price, as it usually rises when the economy grows.

Energy prices are constantly in flux, which provides traders with perfect trading conditions and vast profit opportunities.

Precious Metals Market

How does the precious metals market work?

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Unlike currency, which can lose its value over time, gold is resistant to inflation.

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The industry, due to its needs, maintains the rise in silver prices even with low investment demand.

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Copper is traded in commodity markets and its price dynamics is used as a barometer for the global economy.

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Platinum is particularly volatile, which provides experienced traders with excellent trading opportunities.

Precious metals are popular trading instruments. Trading precious metals involves exchanging metal for currency. For example, an investor can trade silver against the euro (XAG / EUR) or gold against the US dollar (XAU / USD).

When a trader opens a position in precious metals, he speculates on the price movement of the underlying asset. Trading precious metals is similar to trading currencies, where investors take short or long positions in the metals prices. Once a trade is placed, traders can hold a long-term position to resist short-term volatility.

With us, clients can trade precious metals online, regardless of the time of day. Traders have access to MeteorTrade services 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Key Benefits of Precious Metals Trading
  • The possibility to diversify the investment portfolio
  • High liquidity
  • Inflation insurance
  • Wide selection of assets
  • No expiration of the contract
  • Investment alternative to currency trading
Indices Market

What is the Indices Market?

Indices are portfolios of stocks that are grouped according to a specific sector or specific market. They fairly accurately reflect the situation on the market as a whole, since they include shares of leading joint-stock companies. The price of a specific index is calculated taking into account the prices of each individual asset. So, if the price of an individual share changes, this will affect the overall price of the index.

Reasons to trade indices

  • Long trading hours
  • Deep liquidity
  • No hidden fees
  • Low margin requirements
  • Diversification of the trading portfolio
  • The ability to open long and short trades

Why trade indices with us?

When you trade indices with a reliable financial partner, you can count on a wide variety of these assets. We offer indices trading on the world's most active securities, which means that our clients can trade the assets that fit their trading strategy.

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